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Chống thấm vườn sân thượng Daku green roof

chống thấm vườn sân thượng Daku Green Roof

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Daku green roof là một cách độc đáo của việc đưa trở lại các cây xanh vào xung quanh bằng cách chuyển đổi mái nhà, sàn vào khu vườn mái. Đây là hệ thống phủ xanh mái nhà để tạo ra cả hai "chuyên sâu" và các khu vườn "rộng rãi".

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DAKU Green Roof is a unique way of putting back the greenery into the surrounding by converting roof tops, decks into roof gardens. It is the roof greening system for creating both “intensive” and “extensive” gardens.

The Daku system comprises of the following proprietary layers offering client a complete system. 

Nuraplan GR 15U– A root & rot resistant pvc waterproofing membrane and/or

Formceal Type R – Root resistance coating

Daku Element – Water storage and drainage element

Daku Stabilfilter – A special filter with excellent capillary action

Daku Substrate – A unique mix of lightweight granulated organic and inorganic material

Special Features

 The Daku system is able to store up to 55 litres of water thereby reducing watering cycles.

Excess water is drained quickly through the patented channel system of the Daku Element, removing danger of flooding.

The Daku extensive roof garden system is approximately 40% lighter than a conventional garden, making it suitable for use on existing roof.

Daku Substrate will not consolidate with them to cause flooding thereby reducing maintenance cost.

Daku Element protects the waterproofing membrane against mechanical damage and has good thermal insulation properties.

For more information please download technican data sheet.