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Welcome to Newtech Ltd!

Newtech Ltd is importer, distributor and applicator of waterproofing, construction chemical products for commercial and industrial building, municipal infrastructure, heavy industrial, and housing and civil engineering projects. Our products are imported from famous brand in the world in field waterproofing and construction chemicals, which gives customers more options to meet products diverse requirements of customer. Beside with high quality products, our company towards products with low volatile organic content (Low V.O.C) and friendly environment to meet the increasing requirements of our domestic customers as well as international contractors and investors. The company offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to meet the construction needs of our clients. We ensure high customer satisfaction by providing the utmost in experience and technical support, personal available customer service.

Mainly products supply:

1. Waterproofing products

  • Waterstop
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Wet area waterproofing
  • Roof waterproofing
  • External wall waterproofing
  • Swimming pool waterproofing
  • wastewater treatment plant & water tank waterproofing
  • PU foam
  • Bridge deck waterproofing
  • Specialist waterproofing products for Tunnel, Hydropower project

2. Epoxy grout & repair products

  • High strength epoxy grout
  • Epoxy putty underwater-  repair concrete structural direct underwater
  • Epoxy for crack repair in dry or wet surface
  • Epoxy for fix rebar
  • Epoxy lining for chemicals tank
  • Epoxy connect for new and old concrete

3. Cement grout & repair

  • High strength cementitious non-shrink grout
  • High strength cementitious thermal resistant grout
  • Concrete repair products
  • Padding mortar

4. Geotextile

  • Non woven geotextile
  • Reinforce geotextile

5. Concrete & steel corrosion resistance products

6. Fireproofing products

7. Joint sealant

8. Admixture for wet and dry shotcrete, rockbolting products.

In addition, our company also has other special products according to customer requirements.

Company contact detail:


Head Office  : 6C6 Nam Long Residential Area, Ha Huy Giap St - Thanh Loc Ward - Dist 12-    Ho Chi Minh City –VietNam 

Tel: (+84.8)54453667 - (+84.8)54476808 Fax: (+84.8)54453668 Hotline: (+84)909080729

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