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A two part acrylic polymer modified flexible cementitious waterproof membrane supplied in kits ready to use for the protection of concrete and mortar. 

Fomdex Uni  provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, crack bridging ability, and durability.


The substrate should be clean and sound, free of dust loose particles, grease, oil, primers from previous membrane systems or bitumen. Bitumen or primers should be removed by shotblasting or mechanical means, alternatively seal. Bond tests should be undertaken if the surface is already saturated with bitumen or bitumen primers.  Spalled concrete should be repaired by cutting out to sound concrete and patching . Cracks, holes and honeycombs must be repaired prior to application. Areas at brickwalls to receive waterproofing shall have brick joints evenly finished or skin-plastered while floor trap pipes shall be cut to the same level as the R.C. slab prior to waterproofing application.

At juncture or change of plane, between the slab and the wall, at corners and around pipe protrusion, a 25x25mm cement mortar cant filler shall be formed


Fomdex Uni  is supplied in premeasured units. Slowly add the powder to the liquid and mix to a lump free smooth consistency. Do not add water or rework a stiffened mix by adding water. Mix sufficient material to use within 30-40 minutes.    

Saturate the concrete’s surface with clean water. Apply the first coat while the surface is still damp but no free standing water.  Apply using a short stiff bristle brush, rubber squeeze or roller at a rate of 1-2mm for walls and floors, depending on the expected water pressure. The required thickness is achieved by applying 2 layers, taking care that each layer is not thicker than 1mm. Leave the first coating to dry for 2-3 hours before applying the second coat. The second coat can be rubbed down with a soft dry sponge. Spray or trowel application is acceptable providing the mixing ratio is adjusted to achieve the right consistency. Leave the second coat of Fomdex Uni  to cure overnight before proceeding to conduct water ponding test. 

- On the Flat Roof, must be protected against direct UV-radiation. This can be done with a layer of screed

- On hot surfaces e.g. above 50OC surface temperature a primer coat of mixed Fomdex Uni  and water with a slurry consistency should be applied.  Consideration to saturating the surface in advance and protection from adverse wind & sun conditons must be given in exposed areas. The Fomdex Uni  must be applied over the primer coat before it dries.  For light foot traffic areas the coating should be at least 2 mm thick.

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