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PET Filament Woven Geotextile

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PET Filament Woven Geotextile

Filament Woven Geotextile is composed of two sets of filament shuttle woven fabric. The varieties are divided into single layer woven geotextile(also known as filter geotextile), double-layer geotextile(also known as geofabriform geotextile) and woven impervious geotextile according to usage. The raw materials are high-strength, low-elongation polypropylene and polyester and other synthetic fiber filament.


Nominal breaking strength in MD (KN/m): 35, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 250

Width: within 6m


1. High strength, low deformation

2. High tensile strength and initial modulus, low breaking elongation and low creep property

3. Maintain stability of the structure of the yarn depending on mutual extruding of yarns in longitude and latitude, especially suitable for enhancement, reinforcement and isolation

4. Durability: steady property, not easy to be decomposed, air-slaked, keep the original property for long term

5. Anti-erosion: anti-acid, anti-alkali, resistance to insects and mildew

6. Permeability: could control sieve size to retain certain permeability


Widely used in rive, coast, harbor, highway, railway, wharf, tunnel, bridge and other geotechnical engineering. It could meet all kinds of geotechnical projects requirement ,such as filtration, separation, reinforcement, protection and so on.

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