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Pentens Pu-169

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Pentens Pu-169 is one kind of low viscosity grout one component polyurethane waterproof properties .It will react when exposed to water and formed as Sponge has a high elasticity against the effects of .Kha cracks to stop the leak and fill in the blanks below ground It can also prevent or reduce the damage evolution in steel or concrete.

Scope of use
Wall Container / Toilets / Floors / water tank / terrace and balcony / patio Action / concrete troughs and flower gardens / pool / basement.

The whole of MDI, uses safe / not contain solvents, no VOC No ignition, safe for the environment / Allow pump below the water / high-strength elastic, no shrinkage, volume stability and impact resistant after drying / Good adhesion on all surfaces, including the wet concrete / construction can be reverse / leaching potential into small cracks / fissures not create new / not harmful.
For more information please download the technical documentation.