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NEWTECH UW is a two component, epoxy paste or pourable, structural adhesive/filler used for repair concrete, steel structures underwater.


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NEWTECH UW is  a  two component, epoxy paste or pourable, structural adhesive/filler used  for repair concrete, steel structures underwater. It cures with minimal shrinkage to a very strong, dense solid material. The mixed material is applied to a suitably prepared surface and quickly cures to form a complete impermeable repair/adhesive unaffected by many forms of chemical attack. It is supplied as a two pack colour coded material in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use. NEWTECH UW can used to repair concrete & steel structures direct under water, sea water.


For speedy and permanent patching repairs to concrete structures, bonding of precast concrete components, bridge bearings to concrete, and all repair work to concrete cementitious substrates where strength, impermeability to water and resistance to aggressive chemicals is essential, emergency repairs to concrete structures, sea walls, underwater structures and industrial floors in chemical handling and process areas. The thixotropic nature of NEWTECH UW makes the product ideal for setting starter bars, dowels, holding down bolts and anchoring in general.

Advantages   include:

• Early development of initial hardness, minimises maintenance disruption.

• Pre-weighed quality controlled materials ensure consistency and reduce risk of site errors.

   • Two pack colour coding gives visual check on correct mixing.

   • High early strength without shrinkage.

• Unaffected by a wide range of acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals.

 •  Natural grey colour sympathetic to aesthetic requirements.

    • Two grades pourable & paste.

    • Suitable for dry and underwater surface.

Packaging 1.5kg/set A+B or 6kg/set A + B

For more information please download technican data sheet.