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Lemax 4 mm R-SBS Torch on Sheet Membrane SBS

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4mm waterproof membrane LeMax R-SBS is a combination of high quality bituminous compounds with aggregate impact resistant polyester. This film handle the most complex problems of waterproofing with modern technology. Compound bitumen waterproofing membrane is bituminous refined with special elastic polymer, creating a compound elongation at break points up to 2000%, elastic very good low temperature - 10 ° C. The above characteristics make LeMax 4 mm GY-resistant SBS excellent heat pulse as the main material for the repair of damaged roofs. Last waterproofing layer must always be protected by ground slate or thick layers of protection.

Description: 4 mm LeMax R-SBS elastomeric bitumen membrane polymer BPE, refined bitumen compounds with high molecular weight polymers, fiber reinforced polyester non-woven, fiberglass stability.

Scope of application: Base layer or intermediate layer in multi-layer waterproofing system - waterproof outer layer of the multilayer system, under thick layers of protection, the traffic light - as the foundation and walls.