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DH-400WS is a quality product, which has been developed as a solution to the unfavorable situation in which adhesive property and mechanical strength, the characteristics of the hardened substance, are drastically reduced when the moisture that has remained from the hardening process of epoxy resin causes a serious trouble to the reaction between the main material and the hardening agent. Having an excellent bonding strength with humid or wet part of concrete structure, it enables the sealing without drying the moisture of structure, thus and helping reducing the term of works.


Sealing of cracks on wet surface and setting of the washers.

Application area

It is designed as a sealing repair product of the cracks without staying power or the joints of concrete structure and plastering mortar. It contributes to the restoration of staying power of the structure by filling (sealing) the large cracks and cut areas with a specially processed epoxy resin of high bonding strength,tensile strength and compression strength. It improves the durability of structures by preventing water leakage from cracks and corrosion of reinforcing bars by the infiltration of harmful gas in the air. Its applications are as follows.

* Sealing of cracks of dry/wet concrete structure.

* Sealing of gap produced by dry/wet cement plastering mortar and tile etc.

* Sealing for grouting reinforcement of aged, weakened parts of dry/wet concrete.

* Sealing for grouting repair of cracks on dry/wet concrete molding products.

* Sealing of wet area when foam resin in injected.

Made in Korea

Packaging 15kg/set 

For more information please download technican data sheet.