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Congrout 1000 - High Strength Cement Grout

vữa rót cường độ cao Congrout 1000

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Congrout 1000 is a fine precision non shrink, high performance grout with extended working time.
Congrout 1000 uses for the installation of anchor bolts, heavy machinery base-plates, column sole plates, bridge bearings and all areas requiring precision grouting.
Advantages include:
• Repair work and cavity filling.
• Flowable and self levelling.
• Able to fill intricate voids.
• Ready to use.
• High strength.
• Good dimensional stability.
• No bleeding or segregation.
• Good expansion.
• Compensates for shrinkage in both plastic and hardened state.

Appearance:                      Grey powder
Bulk Density:                      Approx. 1.56-1.60 kg/litre
Yield:                                  Approx. 74-78 x 25 kg/bags/m3 of grout depending on water content
Bond Strength to Concrete: > 2 N/mm2 at 7 days
                                              > 3 N/mm2 at 28 days
Drying Shrinkage:                 < 500 micro strain 
23 oC C/RH 50% ASTM             at 28 days
Resistivity:                            < 12,000 ohm cm at 28 days
Expansion of up to 1% or greater in unset material according to ASTM C827.
Drying shrinkage is compensated for complying with the requirements of ASTM 1107-91.
Initial Set - 2.3-3.4 hours
Final Set - 4-5.6 hours

Packaging : 25kg/bag

Made in Thailand

For more information please download technican data sheet.