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Sealflex is a high- build, heavy-duty, flexible and elastomeric waterproofing system for walls


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SEALFLEX is a high- build, heavy-duty, flexible and elastomeric waterproofing system for walls. It is especially designed for exterior use under a variety of conditions.SEALFLEX provides the substrate with a strong and durable membrane that protects and waterproofs. The membrane, which can bridge small cracks, has excellent tolerance to movement  and micro-cracks within the substrate.

SEALFLEX is ideally suited for substrates such as concrete  or plaster that contain hairline or shrinkage cracks. SEALFLEX incorporates the latest surface coatings and waterproofing technology and is available in a wide range of decorative colours and finishes.


The SEALFLEX system is multi- layered system that consists of a primer, an elastomeric bodycoat and a durable protective topcoat.

  • Primer

The primer prepares  the substrate for the system and also ensures a good bond between  the substrate and the system can also bind and strengthened the surface. The type of primer used depends  on the substrate and its condition. There are many specialized primers available.

  • Bodycoat

The bodycoat,  name Formelast, is the basic ingredient of SEALFLEX that gives the system its strength, build, elasticity and crack bridging properties.

Formelast is a waterbased product.

  • Topcoat

The topcoat gives SEALFLEX its colour, gloss level and exterior durability properties. The commonly used topcoats are waterbased.  For optimum durability and dirt pickup resistance, solvent based topcoats are available.

Areas of Usage

All external vertical substrates such as concrete,  lightweight concrete blocks, bricks and masonry.

Special Features

  • Waterproof : SEALFLEX seals porous substrates such as hollow blocks,bricks, plastered walls as well as concrete
  • Flexibility: SEALFLEX is highly flexible coating system, can be used in areas where movement within the substrate is anticipated. It can bridge small cracks.
  • Vapour Permeability : SEALFLEX is vapour- permeable, which allows it to breathe  thus permitting trapped  moisture vapour to escape into the atmosphere.
  • Durability : SEALFLEX is made up of high quality products made from the best materials available, It is recoatable  thus increasing its life span.
  • Protective : SEALFLEX has good impact, fungi and algae resistance.
  • Anti-carbonation Protection : SEALFLEX provides protection against concrete  carbonation, exceeding recommended values by up to five times.
  • Weather Proof : The topcoat provides SEALFLEX with resistance to sunlight and weathering. It has been successfully used for many years in tropical as well as temperature climate conditions.
  • Decorative : SEALFLEX is available in a wide range of decorative and aesthetic colours, in gloss or satin finish as well as in textures.​​

​Made in Singapore

For more information please download technican data sheet.