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waterproofing Formok 500 - roofs, external walls

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FORMROK 500 is a single component, pure polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membrane.


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FORMROK 500 is a single component, pure polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It cures to form an elastomeric membrane that is highly flexible and offers resistant to human traffic, dirt and chemicals. Formrok 500 is used as an exposed membrane as it is UV resistant, however it can be used in concealed  application if required.  It has low Volatile Organic Content (V.O.C) and has a fast drying time of approximately 4 hours @ 30 degs C. It comes in either green or grey colour.

FORMROK 500 is applied directly from the pail using roller or brush. The membrane is easy to apply and moisture cures to form a seamless membrane. It takes to the shape of the surface it is applied on and can easily be dressed down or up any pipes and other details.

Areas Of Usage

FORMROK 500 can be applied on concrete,  masonry substrates, metal roofs, fibrocement  boards etc.

Packaging : 18 L / Pail

Made in Singapore

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