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Formdex Plus is a special blend of cement, quartz sand and multiple activating chemicals in powder form for the permanent protection of concrete against water penetration.


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Formdex Plus is a special blend of cement,  quartz sand and multiple activating chemicals in powder form for the permanent protection  of concrete against water penetration. The compound by the pressure of osmosis will penetrate deep  into the capillary tracts of the concrete  and reacts with moisture and free lime forming crystals that will completely and permanently  seal the capillaries, pores and minor shrinkage cracks, making it impenetrable to water under high pressure.

In the absence  of moisture, the Formdex Plus components will lie dormant.  Should moisture recur at any time, the chemical reaction and sealing process repeats itself automatically. The process works on the active (side exposed to water) or the negative side (side opposite to the water).


Waterproofing is permanent, crystals become  an integral part of concrete.  Crystal growth penetrates  deeply into the capillary tracts and seals it completely.Completely effective against high hydrostatic head pressure. Can be applied from either the positive or negative side Does not require protection against backfilling or placement  of reinforcement steel. Cannot come apart at the seams, tear or puncture Can be applied to moist or green concrete.  Non-toxic, approved  for potable water use.

Areas of Usage

Formdex Plus can be applied to all structurally sound concrete  - new or old. It may be applied to either the active or negative side of the concrete  face.

Packaging : 20kg/bag

Made in Singapore

For more information please download technican data sheet.