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Contite is a clear sealing and waterproofing subsurface membrane which is solvent free, non-toxic, odourless and user friendly.


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Contite is a clear sealing and waterproofing subsurface membrane which is solvent free, non-toxic, odourless and user friendly. It is a spray applied colloidal liquid that penetrates the concrete’s surface and reacts with the cement paste matrix to form an insoluble gel sealing pores, capillaries and cracks creating a below surface barrier against water and water borne salts ingress. As long as water is present Contite remains active and will seal hairline cracks both present and future.Contite allows the passage of water vapour from the inside of the structure the concrete breathes) whilst waterproofing/sealing surface against sea water, aggressive ground waters, waste water and certain chemical solutions.
 can be used to protect various concrete structures including marine and coastal structures, water storage tanks, highways, runways, roofs, decks, bridges, cut & cover tunnels, silos, car parks, swimming pools, precast panels, pipes, etc. Contite is a completely inorganic water-soluble compound. Unlike solvent-based, membrane forming sealers Contite is environmentally friendly. Since Contite penetrates into the concrete, it won’t scratch, peel or damage.
Advantages include:
• Penetrates concrete up to 35 mm. depending on porosity.
• Reduces porosity & permeability.
• 100% Trafficable. Slip resistance improved.
• Reduces Chloride & sulphate penetration by up to 90%.
• Prevents concrete cancer/corrosion.
• Improves concrete durability.
• UV resistant no topping or protection required.Heat reflective membranes may be applied over the top.
• Cannot be damaged, no debond as subsurface membrane.
• Non toxic, odorless, safe for potable water tanks.
• Fast tracks projects.
• Remains active for life of concrete.
• Overlays of asphalt do not delaminate Ballast will not damage system.
• No protection boards required when backfilling.
• Hairline cracks that may develop reseal on contact with water (self healing).
• Can use with concrete containing PFA, GBFS, or Silica fume.
• Withstands thermal stresses.
• Increases useful life of structure.
• Provides additional resistance to dilute acid & alkali attack.
• Increases concrete’s hardness.
• Very easy to apply and cannot be damage during construction.

Packaging : 25 Lit/Can

Made in Thailand

For more information please download technican data sheet.