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Cemkrout GPH high strength non-shrink cementitious grout is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing non- shrink grout for gap thickness up to 100mm. 
Cemkrout GPH is a blend of Portland cement, graded fillers and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic state whilst minimizing water demand. The low water demand ensures high early strength. The graded filler is designed to assist uniform mixing and produce a consistent grout.


Cemkrout GPH is used for general purpose grouting where it is essential to eliminate shrinkage when completely filling the void between a base plate/formwork and a substrate. Such an application would be the grouting if a stanchion base plate structural reinstatement works and heavy machinery stabilization work. It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings. These include masts, anchor bolts fence posts and bridge plates


  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • Prepackaged grout overcomes potential on-site. 
  • Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides.
  • High ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of the hardened grout.
  • Against carbon dioxide and chloride diffusion.


  • W/P ratio
    Plastic :     0.13 - 0.14
    Flowable : 0.15 - 0.18 
    The following results were obtained at a water : powder ratio of 0.15 and temperature of 25 °C. Test method for typical result.
  • Compressive strength BS 1881: PART 116 1983 ASTM C942 
    Flowable : 
    -  40N/mm² @ 1 Days 
    -  70N/mm² @ 3 Days
    -  85N/mm² @ 7 Days
    - 100N/mm² @ 28 Days
    -  45N/mm² @ 1 days 
    -  75N/mm² @ 3 days
    -  90N/mm² @ 7 days
    -  105N/mm² @ 28 days
  • Flexural strength : BS 4551 1980
    -  2.5 N/mm² @ 1 days
    -  9.0 N/mm² @ 7 days
    -  10  N/mm² @ 28 days
  • Time for expansion
    Start :    15 min
    Finish:   2 hrs
  • Fresh wet density : 
    Approximately 2170 kg/m³ Depending on actual Consistency used. 
  • Young’s modulus ASTM 469-83 : 
    28 kN/mm² 
  • Expansion 
    ASTM C827-84 :
    0.25% - 1.0%
    Elastic stability (compressive strain) Dtp SHW 1991 clause 260 (viii) : 
  • Total acid soluble Sulphate SO3 (as % Of mass of cement) : 
    < 4% 
  • Standards Compliance
    Cemkrout GPH
     is a high performance non-shrink cementitious grout for critical applications which has been independently tested by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the following standards:
    ASTM C109-95 
    ASTM C940 
    ASTM C942
    BS1881 : part 116 (1983) 
    ASTM C827-87 
    Dtp SHW 1991 Cl.260 (viii) 
    Cemkrout GPH is formulated to comply with ASTM C1107-91 Grade B. 
  • Supply
    Cemkrout GPH
     is supplied in 25kg moisture resistant bags.

Made in Thailand

For more information please download technican data sheet.